Sales is a stereotypically slimy business

Daniel Pink speaking at Authority 2015
Daniel Pink, best selling author, was the opening conference speaker.


Daniel Pink presentation
Change can be good. It can also be bad.


Daniel Pink presentation
The response is brutal.


List of negative sales stereotype words
This is the world of sales from the buyer’s perspective.


Are my thoughts organized enough?

Are my key points clear, concise and compelling?

In two hours we finish our call from yesterday.

My fees are above average. Some would say they’re high.

My value proposition, priceless.

Does the entire conversation coming out of my mouth on the other end of the phone (to the buyer) sound like a value proposition or an expense?

This is yet another example of how organization is way more than managing the stuff in our closet, drawers, and file folders.

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Driving A 22-Year Old Car Makes Apple A Smart Choice

This isn’t my car. Mine is 22 years old, which justifies buying Apple products.

There are a million reasons why we can’t afford things. Look around. I could talk about sacrifices or just do them.

People look down on those driving older cars. Just a fact of life.

For others, an old car is a strategy. It is also a triumph in self-image.

I know it well. 🙂

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