Skip Knew What He Was Doing

Visionary Tool?
Visionary Tool?

After all, Skip is a Marine. ¬†And, he’s been a friend, for like 30 years. We roomed together for a year while in college.

If you read yesterday’s comment, Skip accomplished his “mission”. I knew he was baiting me, but couldn’t resist his bait.

And if you read my reply to his comment, you would have discovered that what I’ve shared so far is literally just the tip of the iceberg. The vision for how these five blogs can make a significant impact on humanity will blow your mind.

It will be revealed as time passes. While the audience is our son (9), everyone who has a desire to do good and decent work is invited. Most likely, if you visit here regularly, you also have a desire to be a better person, and you also dream crazy impossible dreams.

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