Three simple things constantly required for Disney Backstage Magic

Disney Keynote Speakers
A moment in time. Photos: Michele Sindy 2013.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Thank you Michele for taking these photos.


Photos from the Christmas trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania aren’t uploaded to iCloud because our apartment doesn’t offer wifi.

Why tell you that?

Because this requires me to find photos to use from somewhere other than yesterday.

Randomly stumbled upon the Legacy Award folder and now you understand a “backstage” process – faced with a challenge no one knows about, you find a (1) quick, (2) easy, and (3) fun solution.

Happy present moment.

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Be organized enough to have the potential to leave this behind….

Blue Disney name tag


(photo: jeff graduated from Spring Grove Area High School in 1977…)

Legacy is something that others determine whether it happened or not.

Should we be organized enough to be a great parent or relative? Or co-worker?

One ordinary day after another.

For decades.

One day, the people around you want you to know something important.

You never knew.

And still are not sure why it happened.

Busy lives keep us from saying how we really feel in deep, meaningful, even profound ways.

Thank you to those of you who read these blogs and have read the book.

Thank you even more for being a good and decent person to the people you encounter every day.

Thank you.

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How Organized Do We Need To Be To Leave A Legacy?

Two weeks ago in Nova Scotia, our son’s initials on a Canadian license plate.

Cheryl picked Chapin’s first name. I picked his middle name. Shortly after this trip, while walking down a country road for ice cream, I told him the story of his middle name.

If something bad ever happened to me, eventually he would ask, “Why is my middle name Shepard?”

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