Do you pack in advance or the morning you depart?

The summer camp Scouting staff kept their fire burning to the very last night of the seventh and final week…

Boy Scout campfires

Do you pack in advance or the morning you depart? While the context is traveling on earth, it’s also a reality check for death. On the way to Brooklyn, New York to do mission work – work that matters and makes a difference to others.

Boomers, got big plans today?

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I’ll Tweet To That!

baby Boomer Twitter handle: jeffnoelmidlife

Boomers, dude, you’re probably on Facebook. Cool. That’s a great step. There’s probably no need for midlife Baby Boomers to delve into Twitter. Right? Unless you are an aging entrepreneur, then you ought to be on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube – at a minimum. And while you’re at it, start getting used to Siri. Our keyboard is endangered and will become extinct sooner rather than later.

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Can We Baby Boomers Get Organized Enough To Make 2012 Shine Brightly?

Sunshine on a stem!

For jeff noel, there’s no excuse in the world for being so disorganized that his life is not worth starting over, to rethink, reprioritize and recommit.

Boomers, let’s not let our past failures paralyze us from our future successes. I’ve been approaching things slowly and steadily, because that’s the way I got there in the first place. And rethinking what’s important, reprioritizing things (my time), and working desperately hard to get and remain recommitted to long-lasting, positive change.

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Mid Life Celebration Was Built To Make A Statement And Stand For The Defining Opportunity in Every Adult’s Midlife

Art at Mid Life Celebration is real life in real time.
October 2011, Waco, Texas, under I-35, 7am

Midlife Celebration’s statement? Baby Boomers, do something great before you die.

What does Mid Life Celebration stand for? The only real, second chance for a do over in life – to rethink, reprioritize and recommit.

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