Can We Baby Boomers Get Organized Enough To Make 2012 Shine Brightly?

Sunshine on a stem!

For jeff noel, there’s no excuse in the world for being so disorganized that his life is not worth starting over, to rethink, reprioritize and recommit.

Boomers, let’s not let our past failures paralyze us from our future successes. I’ve been approaching things slowly and steadily, because that’s the way I got there in the first place. And rethinking what’s important, reprioritizing things (my time), and working desperately hard to get and remain recommitted to long-lasting, positive change.

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A Fellow Boomer Asked jeff noel If He Ever Tires Writing Five Daily, Different Blogs

Did he just say, "Not a chance"?

Some of jeff noel’s friends are bloggers. They seem to marvel at his ability to write five daily, short, pithy blog posts about Life’s Big Choices. Only recently did noel start to consciously understand why. It’s hard to do anything everyday. Period. Except maybe, eat. But to eat healthily and in moderation everyday? Not a chance.

Curious, any of you feel the subconscious tug to rethink, reprioritize and recommit? Not a chance?

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I Haven’t Done This In A While

Why did Walt Disney love horses?

I haven’t stopped in a timeout-like fashion to do a pulse check in a while. If you know me in person, you know I like asking important, compelling questions. I also like to tell stories and use personal examples, versus something I’ve read or heard. Even crazier, I’ve been classically trained inspired to not give answers, but facilitate answers. Many of my posts contain questions people miss or ignore…

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