Midlife Celebration’s Founder, jeff noel, Says Midlife Is About An Attitude Of Gratitude

Midlife Celebration's jeff noel on a morning jog at Baylor University
Midlife Celebration is an attitude of gratitude

Happy December from all of us at Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Founder jeff noel is a road warrior as a motivational speaker, wellness and work life balance expert. Recently, at Baylor University, there were impressional images both high and low. Baby Boomers, let’s keep our hearts open for our second chance to reThink, rePrioritize and reCommit.

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Inspiration To Be Organized Can Come From Anywhere

Out for a jog, 2,300 miles from Orlando and Walt Disney World, I could have run under this banner and never given it a second thought.

But what I do is provide readers (you) daily reminders.

It’s a charity and mission work that feels as good giving as it does receiving.

Being organized is it’s own reward.

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