Walk away and do not care

House painting every decade or so.

My to-do list now has “create a list of things you will no longer do”: a to-don’t list.

Walk away and do not care about things that are no longer relevant in your life.

Nothing wrong with being a do it yourselfer.

Does the money you save compete with the time it takes you?

Do you know how much your time is worth?

Keenly aware time is finite. Keenly aware that to-do lists will never end unless we over-focus on structure and process.

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It All Comes Down to This

With so much to say, where does a person start?  Well, if you’re a runner, it’s easy, you start at the starting line.  But if you’re not a runner and you’re several decades into your life and your job or career, then what?

Then maybe start here, in Lane 8:

There, I said it. Hope this doesn’t scare anyone off. It is what it is.