The difference a new day can make

Disney's Dapper Dans
The antithesis of yesterday’s shoes photo.

The difference a new day can make has the potential to be exceptional.

Sometimes we don’t even need a good night’s sleep to feel ok about something that was previously driving us crazy.

Tension is a sign we are overwhelmed and unable to think rationally.

For example, if we asked, “A year from now will i still be worried about this?”

If our answer is yes, and it rarely is, then figure it out. If our answer is no (and it almost always is), surrender quickly to the tension and let it disappear.

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Uncommon Sense Is Logical If You Think Of It’s Opposite

Even at 93, Julian Myers (left) still has fun competing against the younger 80-somethings.

Try to imagine knowing common sense but not applying it. Uncommon sense is doing what isn’t common, say, exercising, eating well, and resting well. Uncommon sense is also the key to sustainable results.

Disney has uncommon sense to focus on small, seemingly insignificant details that make their brand world famous. Why other companies wouldn’t study this, apply this, and expect similar results is mind boggling.

Insight: There are basic, undeniable models for everything from religion to business to personal.

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