Clutter steals our balance

Starbucks food display
Cluttered but organized.


Clutter steals our balance.

When we buy too many things to make our lives more abundant (or organized), we are actually creating more work for ourselves.

Things need care, cleaning, insuring, protecting, storing, etc.

We won’t see the truth in this until we are older and have accumulated more than we can handle.

By then it may be too late to change, right?




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Resilience 101

Disney's Stitch figurine
Scary and good often are one and the same. Photo at Disney Retail Store.


Do not worry about being overwhelmed throughout life. Be worried about not caring.

There will always be things we cannot foresee.


Care enough to make personal organization a good and decent habit that helps buffer the emotional blows these guaranteed setbacks will deliver.

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How organized could we attempt to be if we knew we could not fail?

Disney pre show area in Fantasyland
Life wasn’t simpler long ago, it just appears that way in our perception of the past


How organized could we attempt to be if we knew we could not fail?

The secret to being organized is simplification.

Paring down requires letting go.

Letting go worries and scares us.

So we don’t do it.

And we live with the drag of not optimizing.

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