Epcot 1982 postcard

This postcard is from 1982, the year EPCOT Center opened.

Used it to write a personal message to the recipients of the Disney goodie bag.

It’s fun to gift others with “Disney Magic” and cathartic to part with decades-old stuff that serves no purpose in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a box.

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She doesn’t want her children to hate her after she’s gone

app screen
No app exists for making junk disappear, or even for identifying what to keep and what to purge.


Stunning, remarkable long-distance conversation this week.

She said she is dedicating the next year to clearing out her house of all the accumulated stuff.

She doesn’t want her children to hate her after she’s gone.

She has been quietly inspired by a book’s message that being decently organized is a personal responsibility and that no one should leave behind a crazy mess that others have to clean up.

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Let’s do one thing today that seems insignificant

Buildings with zero landscaping
The designer(s) designed with zero landscaping


Let’s do one thing today that seems insignificant. Throw something away, or recycle or donate it.

One thing is insignificant. But as we collect stuff over time, it becomes significant.

Let’s get rid of it in similar fashion (assuming we can’t do it all at once).

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Today, my goal is to purge as much as possible

I’ll take the two in the bottom left corner… all the others can go

Today, my goal is to purge as much as possible. The challenge, we are afraid to let go of material things. Yet, we possess another fear – what if our lives would be dramatically better without most of our things?

Are we afraid to live simply? Are we afraid of how it would force us to focus more keenly on the few things we have, instead of numbing ourselves with rooms full of distractions?

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