i’ve been to the mountain top

Speaker Ready room at Orlando Ritz Carlton
Less than 24 hours ago. i was directed to the wrong end of the Ritz to find our conference room. This allowed the opportunity to discover one of the nicest “Greenrooms” i’ve ever seen.
Speaker Ready Room, for the other conference – the one that occupied all the meeting rooms but one. Talk about posh.

i’ve been to the mountain top.

And i’ve seen the promised land.

January is always an active month for doing another round of downsizing the paperwork of life.

Excited to attack a few piles of Disney and Disney Institute memorabilia (95% work related stuff).

Getting these piles off the floor will feel like freedom.

Free at last.

Has a nice ring to it.

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Living Legend?


Martin Scorsase was awarded the Cecile B. Demille award last night at the Golden Globes.

I love movies but am not a movie buff. So seeing all Martin Scorsase’s films, in a flash compilation,  was amazing. I had no idea he was such a genius.

Watching that short highlight clip of the movies he’s directed and produced, was like watching, well, a living legend.

But today is not about living legends, today is about a legendary man, who had a dream.

A man who is no longer with us.

A man so legendary, that his dream changed the world.

Our son doesn’t have school today.  School’s closed, due to a National Holiday. And it ain’t for Mr Scorsase.