Haiti One Week Later

Time Flies, Unless You're In Haiti
Time Flies, Unless You're In Haiti

Yesterday’s quote was from Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Haiti how many people, in the past seven days have:

  1. Died?
  2. Become homeless?

Mind boggling.  And then it dawned on me – all these world events. One tragedy after another.


Why did white people need someone like Martin Luther King to paint a better future?

Shouldn’t the better future have been a no-brainer?  I mean, seriously. Come on.

Anybody else starting to have deja vu?

Living Legend?


Martin Scorsase was awarded the Cecile B. Demille award last night at the Golden Globes.

I love movies but am not a movie buff. So seeing all Martin Scorsase’s films, in a flash compilation,  was amazing. I had no idea he was such a genius.

Watching that short highlight clip of the movies he’s directed and produced, was like watching, well, a living legend.

But today is not about living legends, today is about a legendary man, who had a dream.

A man who is no longer with us.

A man so legendary, that his dream changed the world.

Our son doesn’t have school today.  School’s closed, due to a National Holiday. And it ain’t for Mr Scorsase.