And It Never Goes Away

Alaska 2010…I wonder if Bears think Beavers taste like chicken…

The pressure to be decently organized….with the paperwork of life.

We will never conquer this. It’s just something in life that has to be dealt with, year after year, after year.

Busy as a Beaver. The Beaver is constantly repairing the Dam. There’s always a leak, and it never goes away. Slows down maybe, but doesn’t go away.

Use your innate instincts to figure out a way that works for you. I have, and it gets old, but we can never stop.

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Two Teams…

Both these teams have the same goal…

There is not a singular approach to winning. Whether in youth soccer, or life in general.

There is an approach to excellence; however, that demands certain things. Do you have convictions about what they are?

(on purpose, 4 of today’s 5 photos are from a Central Florida girls youth soccer tournament)

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Disney Dream Photos – Set 5 of 5

Create a space, an “office”, any size, that works for you…

Find a million ways to continually improve...

Get your stuff organized so you know where everything is...

If we’re lucky, life will be a long haul…

Mr. Fredrickson’s story is similar to many…putting things off…

Bottom line…we all know this… is about HQ – Head Quarters, home base, the office, whatever you want to call it. It’s the paperwork of life…your life, and how organized you are and the priorities you set. For example:

My wife and I spent our lives climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, learning way too late it was leaning against the wrong wall.

PS. We’ve rethought, reprioritized and recommitted to a new path….involving parenthood.

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Serious Endeavors

"Life's Mountain's To Climb": Alaska 2009
"Life's Mountains To Climb": Alaska 2009

This Blog about HQ (headquarters) – the paperwork of life – focuses on being decently organized, with an underlying theme of motivation, inspiration and excitement to want to be.

Both getting organized and staying organized are serious, lifelong endeavors.

Getting there can feel impossible. Staying there can be a mountain climb…

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