Who doesn’t like to laugh?

prolific blogger jeff noel
Today is the 3,424 consecutive day in a row.


prolific blogger jeff noel
Prolific blogging has now surpassed 17,000 posts. i didn’t realize this milestone had been surpassed.


Far Side cartoon
Just for fun. One of my all-time favs.


Mountain House meals
Testing two more flavors at dinner last night.


Twitter problems
Twitter problems


Twitter problems
Twitter problems


Twitter problems
Twitter problems


Apple Home Pod
Fourth one arrived yesterday.



This is worth a look, but only if you like to laugh.


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Squirrel yoga

Squirrel at Epcot
Last night leaving Epcot.


Have seen many a squirrel at Disney the past 30+ years. But last night this was a first.

Just a few minutes earlier was privately wondering if carrying an iPhone in my hand for the three miles of walking through Epcot was obsessive.

Then the aha moment.

Wasn’t carrying a phone. Was carrying a camera.

Sanity restored.

Get and stay organized, on every level possible.

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jeff noel Thinks It’s Funny, Really, How People Walk Right Past Everything They Need To Be Happy

jeff noel's photos are a form of "real life, in real time" art (notice the the feet walking by?)

The truth is so scary for aging midlife Baby Boomers. The truth? All we need to be happy are life’s basic essentials. A sound mind, body, spirit, career, home.

How many books do we need to read? How many seminars, sermons, lessons? What we really need are daily “real life, in real time” examples to inspire us that the key is to seize this day.

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Conan O’Brien & Pee Wee Herman

Gone For Good?
Gone For Good?

And now for something completely different.

Pee Wee Herman explains the fracas Conan O’Brien and NBC are having.

Click here to view the clip of Pee Wee Herman helping Conan O’Brien explain to the world, what in the world is going on.

So, what can we learn from this fracas?

Not a clue.

Oh, maybe we can learn to walk away when the deal isn’t win-win, and have fun doing it.

What do you think?