Revisiting “The Internet’s only Five-A-Day Blogger”

Prolific bloggers
Five daily, differently-themed blogs.


The 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp was doomed from the start, based on my previous track record for failing to get into a consistent writing habit.

So when i actually achieved the goal of writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts, something unexpected happened…

What do i do on the 101st day?

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What’s one prolific blogger’s secret for staying organized?

Westin Alexandria, VA hotel room
Westin always offers a clean, fresh, appealing room


Photo of an 'unusable gift" (two free breakfasts)
Westin Alexandria, VA is a stunning Resort, the soft skill of customer service was not


What’s one prolific blogger’s secret for staying organized?

It’s very simple and easily discounted (because it’s so simple).

Take photos of your life as it happens in real time.

Download them and organize them in easily accessible ways.

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Note: Explained to front desk clerk I would be gone before breakfast each morning, but he gave them to me anyway.

I later returned them, but that’s another story.