Face the Fire

Recyclable silverware
Reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Dan Fogelberg’s 1979 song Face the Fire is a plea for big business to cool their insatiable profit-driven habits.

Begs the time-tested question, “At what cost, progress?”

Short-term gains become habits and status quo. Long term consequences are ignored.

This reminds me of the short-sightedness of procrastination, avoidance, and under-focus on being decently organized. 

It’s the same train, just a different wreck waiting to happen.

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After momentary denial, the realization that it’s really decent

Walt Disney World Downtown Disney Trend store sign
What’s our trend? Change? Consistency? Growth? Purpose?


Ever surprise yourself by something you said but don’t remember?

Something that the other source shows you without a doubt that you said it?

And what you exclaimed to yourself, “I said that!?”

After momentary denial, the realization that it’s really decent.

Decent enough to inspire you, the author.

Ever happen?

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Daily Administration

Guess What? You Ain't In Fantasyland
Guess What? You Ain't In Fantasyland

If you ‘re an adult with a job and rent or mortgage, life’s a daily grind, isn’t it?

How do you manage it?

Or, have you given up and medicated yourself, so you can keep putting off important things without any guilt.

Yeah, that’s what “medicating” does, it dramatically reduces guilt.

Life can be a train wreck if we don’t get tough and get started.


What do you do?

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