The beauty of paradox and .thinking .differently

Mr and Mrs Incredible
My superpower is an insatiable desire and ability to .think .differently

Ben, open to any edits….while a foundational business concept, it (my TEDx Talk’s message) is unknown to the world. i use this concept personally and have been teaching it to our son (now 18) and am convinced this has the power to change our world into a happier, more productive, and more joyful place, one inch at a time. 

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First Match

Last weekend I began to teach our son:

  1. How to strike a match
  2. How to light a fire
  3. How to be respectful of fire
  4. Which side of the fire to approach

We have a campfire pit in our yard and this is the time of year for using it.  We burned enough yard and tree trimmings to make an excellent cooking fire.

He was hesitant to strike the match.  Perhaps even afraid. He’s nine.

As a Father, it seems intuitive to be the one to teach him certain things that will be taught by others, if I don’t beat them to it.

Striking a match is just the beginning.  Ya with me?