We had a great hour-long talk

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Two cousins. One in Orlando, one near San Francisco.


Worst fires in recorded California history.

Cousin Randy is 50 miles away.

Randy and i are same age cousins.

He almost died a couple years ago from drugs and alcohol.

His life was saved (and he’ll be the first to share his miraculous story) when he was sponsored at a rehab center in California.

We grew up in Pennsylvania, and he moved from there to Cali to get help.

All his possessions fit into an 11′ x 8′ bedroom.

As if the wildfires aren’t humbling enough.

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We have to start our own fire

Could we astound ourselves to shed 90% of our stuff?


We have to start our own fire.

If lost in the wilderness in freezing temperatures, to avoid freezing to death overnight gather 10 times as much firewood as you think you’ll need.

Very time consuming.


No. Yet it is the right strategy you would need to survive the night without freezing to death.

This may seem unrelated to everyday civilized life.

Be 10 times more organized with our possessions than we think we need to be. Otherwise, we might kill our peace.

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If cavemen and cavewomen would have had apps, this would have been the best one

Lilly pads on Florida marsh
Crossing any body of water would have jeopardized any attempt to carry hot coals.


A Caveman app that would allow for carrying hot coals to the next location, for the next fire.

Having excellent personal responsibility is like hitting the lottery.

Fire protects (scares wild things away), enhances (warms on a cold night), unites (think campfire and cooking), and yet it also destroys (think forest fire).

And we complain about backed up traffic, or a slow Internet signal at 35,000 feet going 600 mph.

What the cavewoman wouldn’t have given to have easy transportation.

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Is our fire lit?

Disney's Riverside Port Orleans - the daily volume is staggering
Disney’s Riverside Port Orleans – the daily volume is staggering


Stop rehearsing.

Practice is over.

Game time.

Live, before you die.

No seriously, is our fire lit?

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