Habits are formed from desire and from lack of desire

Habits are formed from desire and from lack of desire. Like in this video tribute to Nelson Mandela, who passed away the day before (12.05.13):



We see what we want to see… either a self-indulgent showoff, or a humble servant leading the way through action and results.

(today, March 17, was tempted to remove video – marketing director said to leave it, in memory of NM)

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Change yourself to change the world?

Change yourself to change the world?  

I went to the Apple store yesterday.   It intrigues me that Apple has forged a path, different then the status quo.

This challenges me to learn about Apple or not learn about Apple.   I have choosen to learn.

It dawned on me that the secret to success is having the right attitude.  And that the right attitude can be significantly influenced when there is a compelling reason.

Being a role model to my family is very compelling to me.   The moral – never stop learning.  Find a way to keep pushing your understanding, without sacrificing your core, your root values. 

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂