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Disney University.


Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch at the North end.


Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch at the South end, a second effort, same person.


Unsolicited sales calls
As they walked away from our garage while i came around the opposite end of the house, i  was startled and my blood rushed through my veins. What were they doing at our house without making their presence known?


Three admin issues i dealt with yesterday:

Photo #1: A fantastic Disney Institute (DI) colleague who left DI to contribute at DU (Disney University), is having a “party” in his honor today at 3PM and i’ll be on a plane to Chicago. Not only can’t i be there physically, but a call is also out. He’s been hired by Universal Studios who wants to tap into his 22 years at Disney.

Photos #2-3: An outdoorsman is trained to read his surroundings. Many times it’s simply routine and sometimes it’s a potential matter of survival. The second time i saw the suspicious person, i paused my day and did what any great survivalist would do, make certain he wasn’t a threat to our neighborhood. The first time i saw him he was hours earlier and a mile away at the grocery store and he stood out to me then too.

Photo #4: At dusk, some final yard work. Funny, that white SUV parked by our mailbox was 100% out of place so i watched. It never moved. As i walked some items to the curb for today’s pickup, i was startled to see two adults walking away from our garage. The photo of them was intended to put them on the defensive. i was on defense from not knowing their motive. They knew why they were there but i didn’t. i needed to dilute their advantage and put them on defense. And in the wilderness example, i was potentially vulnerable. i quickly gained an offensive position with a photo of their faces. They were Real Estate agents soliciting business. It ended well (including hugs), but in the moment, i had to follow the survivalist instinct.

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Two million things we need to manage

HP ink cartridges
Backup printer ink.


Along with the million things we have to do to be vibrant, productive members of society is another million little things like ordering more printer ink – for the backup printer.

Yes, backup printer.

The main printer subscribes to HP’s ink replacement membership. HP (by wirelessly tracking ink levels) sends new cartridges just before you need them. There is a monthly membership fee, but an unlimited amount of ink they will send (at no additional charge).




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Have Fun Today And Pay Attention. It’ll Increase Your Odds

An ordinary, routine lunch at a midwest golf course
Just a bunch of local announcements... most people don't pay attention
You can observe a lot by watching

Was on the road recently, and needed to use the restroom to wash my hands before lunch. I’m telling’ ya, I can’t make this stuff up. Real life in real time.

Have fun today. Pay attention. It’ll increase your odds.

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Life Is Good On The Road If You Work Hard To Make It So

Jack the Bear World Traveler

Passed 300,000 frequent flyer miles on Delta. I talk to a lot of business travelers. A ton. Have yet to meet one that says, “Dude are you kidding me, I love business travel. What’s not to love? It gets me away from my Family”.

The antidote? Find creative ways to stay connected. Not gonna lie. It’s challenging. Counting your blessings is an under rated tactic that I have learned to maximize.

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