Ten left

Living like you were dying
Yesterday from a High School classmate’s Facebook feed.


In 2009, i began a 10-year journey to live as though June 8, 2019 (60th bday) is my last day.

i read about half of a long article yesterday. Here is my summary:

Rather than contemplating the stereotypical “What if you only had 6 months to live”, or the article’s reflection on a 9-month course with the same question, but with 3 extra months, i began over 7 years ago living as if i only had 10 years.

A complete and radical departure from “you have less than a year to live.”

Ten left.

What if you only had 10 years left?

A decade.

Everything i’ve done since 2009 has emanated from, “What if i only had until my 60th birthday to do everything in life i wanted to do?

The caveat being, none of us know if we’ll see tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.

Now, with 2 years 8 months until the “dead” line, an enhanced sense of urgency is emerging.

There is potential ridicule and talk behind my back, to which i am working diligently to surrender to and designate a non-issue.

Meanwhile, my enjoyment of that which is in front of me this very moment (typing this for example) brings such great joy, and peace.


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At some point, working for Walt Disney World became compelling

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January 25, 1982 and September 27, 1984 are both listed as ‘hire dates’.

The second date is used to track ‘full-time longevity’.

In six weeks, the service pin changes to 30.

As our biological clocks tick by, we have the prerogative to relish the moments. To bask in the sum of our career contribution.

Or not.

It’s a choice.

Only one person focuses on it.

The CEO.

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