Smoking is a priority

Dan Fogelberg Souvenirs album
Worth a second look. Played it until the wheels fell off.

Dan Fogelberg was a smoker?

Who knew?

Same with me (a smoker).

Our Son doesn’t believe it.

Remember, dad only smoked when he drank, and he only drank twice a week. Weekdays and weekends.

Haven’t had a drink, or a smoke, since December 30, 2001.

Ps. Smoking is a priority if you do it. What? Yes, if it wasn’t a priority, you wouldn’t be a smoker. Get your priorities prioritized. You’re welcome.

Pss. Here’s a bonus Led Zeppelin video, roughly 32 years after Bonham’s 1980 death. Led Zeppelin never recorded music again.

Thus concludes a few days of teens and 20’s flashbacks. Over-focused to the highest level. At this point the only music i “own” are the 100 CDs that will be donated to Goodwill this weekend. Downloading all Zeppelin, Fogelberg, and Buffett CDs in case i ever find myself without an Apple Music subscription. Gasp!

Honestly, picture yourself in an assisted living facility, but still wielding an iPhone. Will die listening to my three favorite music artists.

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Facebook is the new cigarettes

Up at 8,200′ i can think in ways i never can when in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Know someone who smokes?

How many times a day do they smoke a cigarette?

How long does each cigarette take to smoke?

How much does a smoker’s health improve after each cigarette?

Now think about how many times someone you know checks Facebook.

How many times?

How long does each look at their status updates take?

Do you see where this post is going?

The reason i quit personal Facebook is the same reason i quit smoking – it wasn’t good for me.

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