His reach will also enlarge

Orlando Sanford Airport


Orlando Sanford Airport


(photos above: Up at 3:30 am to drive Cheryl to airport. A ticket she purchased yesterday, just before the medical drama began. She was ready to not go. But it worked out. Her Mom 1,200 miles away needs a pacemaker, quickly.)

While the CT scans came back normal, and potential life-threatening cardiac issues put to rest, his heart is actually enlarging.

His reach will also enlarge.

They say you can not be a prophet in your hometown.

Disney Prophet?

Disney profit?

Living-like-you-mean-it prophet?

Gonna try like hell.

A calling?


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What do we have if we don’t have courage?

Small town welcome sign


(photo: Small town welcome sign, and the headwaters for Mid Life Celebration, LLC)

You can not be a prophet in your own town. Prevailing wisdom illuminates this fact.

Takes courage to follow our beliefs. Without courage, our beliefs die.

Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. -Walt Disney

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

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Famous, Humble or Both?

In This Photo: My Ghost Writer & Documentary Photographer
In This Photo: My Ghost Writer (top) & Documentary Photographer (bottom)

I stand here before you, not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people. — Nelson Mandela, Feb. 11, 1990

Yes, the first, in a long series of Best-Selling Books is well underway.

Being organized doesn’t always mean things happen fast, it just means that things get done.

Are you still organizing any of your “childhood dreams”?

Come on, failure is not an option.

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