Graduated with honors from best MBA school in the country

Printed version of Mid Life Celebration
Also walked through the purchase of the printed version of Mid Life Celebration


Graduated with honors from best MBA school in the country.


Master of Business Administration.


The best way to master it is to do it. Relentlessly.

The 10,000 hour concept that Malcolm Gladwell professed in his book Outliers?

How about 20,000 hours?

No piece of paper to frame on the wall.

Simply a tax id, expenses, marketing, PR, brand, competition, and revenue stream to fuss over.

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MBA project projected to be finished by Christmas 2013

Mid Life Celebration MBA book project
Do we live as if everything is important?


MBA project forecasted to be finished by Christmas day 2013, which is today and which is also one week ahead of the five-year deadline of January 1, 2014.

It was the most unique and exciting MBA project that stood out in the long search for creative options.

Expensive tuition.

Pass or fail.

Create a business that generates passive income and opportunities for future income growth as a one-of-a-kind artist.

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Note: This post written September 14, 2013, roughly 100 days from the day this post goes live (Christmas day).


Invest In An MBA?

We stop learning because, well, we stop trying to learn. Getting an MBA sounds like a good idea – on paper.  But for what? A promise that it will catapult your career? Seriously? Look around at people with MBA’s.

Always the (professional) antagonist, my MBA comes with only one promise. You pass or you fail, and no fancy piece of paper suitable for framing.

You get, or not, a profitable, entrepreneurial business. This is hard.

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