A Word Of Caution If You’re New Here…

Authenticity is the new currency, and it’s rare. You’ll find a gold mine here. But you’ll have to work hard if you want to change something important in your life. I guarantee if you invest 30 days reading all 5 blogs jeff noel writes each morning, your life will begin to change. There is nothing random here. Nothing. Even if it seems so. Your move.

The Classroom Is My Workshop, The Place I Feel The Most At Home

Pull up a chair, or have a seat on the floor, wherever you learn best.

The five key areas where metrics help guide you:

  1. Mind – think (our brain)
  2. Body – move (our body)
  3. Spirit – feel (our emotions)
  4. Money – earn (our job)
  5. HQ – organize (our dwelling)

There is an art to simplification and order. It may take a lifetime, much the same way a giant oak takes a lifetime.

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