Balance and being organized

unexpected life events
life is easier when we have processes in place to cover most of life's unexpected events

Aim for perfection, settle for excellence. We are due, maybe overdue, for a short post here today. Why? Balance. Organization. Example.

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Revolving door number five (of five)

HQ: jeff is the fifth and final blog in the series of five

Happy Saturday. Taking a minute to visit redundancy-land. I write five daily, different blogs because life has five big choices – my recipe for work life balance.

So after reading this blog (our hq), the two words below are your fast pass to read about our mental responsibility.

Simply click the bolded word below to go to the…

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Can An Ordinary Person Occupy All 12 Spots On Google’s Front Page

Google, especially Google’s front page, likes repetition and themes.

Some of you have noticed how jeff noel I frequently uses these words and phrases:

  • jeff noel
  • jeffrey noel
  • The Blog Whisperer
  • Mid Life Celebration
  • The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger

Know why? In a word, SEO.

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What’s That Buzz?

I Do All My Own Stunts
I Do All My Own Stunts

In the “for what it’s worth” category, every photo at Mid Life Celebration, LLC is from my camera.

And some photos are pictures of other photos, but they’re rare.

It’s a quirk that is also designed to add value and interest to the brand.

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