HQ on the road

Omni Louisville
The one and only best photo angle.


Louisville speak easy
The Omni has it’s own Speak Easy. This is the entrance sign.


Hotel bowling alley
The Speak Easy has four bowling lanes.


sunset from hotel room
A moment like this is over fast. Happy to catch it last night from my hotel room desk.


HQ on the road.

The paperwork of life never takes a day off.

Figure it out.

It’s your responsibility.

And, if you can, thrive and have fun with it.


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Lake McDonald Lodge was a great vision

Lake McDonald Lodge lobby... fireplace upper left)


(photo: Lake McDonald Lodge fireplace in use… middle left)


Lake McDonald Lodge fireplace


(photo: Lake McDonald Lodge fireplace… in use July 23, 2014)

Life is hard.

And frustrating.

Even the smallest things can remind us.

But we’re too busy to notice.

What gets our attention are wake up calls.

Scares, threats, tragedy.

What about small seemingly insignificant reminders. Like no wifi available.

But then you arrive at Lake McDonald Lodge and on the second attempt, you finish this post.

Insight: We are severely distracted, entertained, and medicated on busy-ness and accessibility.

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Gotta Say It

It's My Job To Say Things
It's My Job To Say Things

Life on the road is challenging.

There ain’t no glamor on the road. There is a very strong sense of accomplishment, helping people see what excellence looks like, how it works, and what they might try differently to become more excellent.

That’s a huge privilege I get, as a professional speaker.

The downside? Is there one?


What do you gotta say?  How would you say it?  Why?

These are questions only you can answer. Do you? Will you?