Organized to slow down?

Cinderella Castle
Walked behind Cinderella Castle, from Tomorrowland.

Organized to slow down?


The world of work (which shadows our world at home) just got unprecedentedly more fearful.

Where is our income going to come from? How is our business going to survive?

LinkedIn, predictably, is polluted overwhelmed with pitches since President Trump declared a National Emergency March 11, 2020 (5 nights ago). Each day the pitches escalate as millions of entrepreneur’s financial lives have disappeared for an extended time.

People fighting to survive.


i am one of the millions. Income from speaking has evaporated.

Meanwhile, at 60, my wife and i have spent a lifetime building our rainy day fund, one long, slow, decade after another.

Rather than panic, we are slowing down.

Slowing down helps us see things differently.

The difference between taking the Interstate versus the country road.

We do not need to take the Interstate to make great time. We have the time to meander through small towns, pull over at scenic points, and spend the night, unplanned, anywhere and anytime we want.

We have sown a lifetime of fast-paced living to reap the scenic route, full-time.

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