Seven year itch and the Internet domain?

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That flag looks familiar


Are we willing to wait a long, long time for big things to happen? How about waiting seven years?

The previous owner of had it for seven years.

Being organized enough to use GoDaddy’s backorder feature, I waited, and waited.

And waited.

The previous owner was given a 60-day grace period, including multiple reminders that their domain name had expired and will be up for grabs if they don’t renew. And this is on top of reminders before hand that it was about to expire.

Is owning the worth the wait?

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Jeffrey Noel

The beautiful thing about taking risks is that many of them require so little time, money or actual risk. Most risk is simply perceived.

My given name is Jeffrey Noel, however, The Noel Family has always called me Jeff. So when it came time to select a domain name, I choose Jeff Noel, instead of Jeffrey Noel.

Just want to see how quickly I can start showing up on the front page Google search for you know who. Just a simple SEO experiment.

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Something Completely Different

You're A Hoser, Eh
You're A Hoser, Eh

Attention Deficit, easily distracted, over-achiever, multi-tasker, you name it, this will satisfy your curiosity for new and cool things on the Internet – popular links to great Internet domains.

We may never see you again, but remember this, where else can you find a person that writes five daily blogs, even while traveling Internationally?