Dear Son, five Disney dates: 1971 – 1982 – 1984 – 1992 – 2013

jeff noel Disney
Spring 2013 at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa


Dear Son, five Disney dates: 1971, 1982, 1984, 1992:

  • 1971 – Disney World opens October 1
  • 1982 – hired January 25 as full-time, seasonal Cast Member, “jungle jeff
  • 1984 – returned permanently with your Mother, September
  • 1992 – moved into our home behind Magic Kingdom
  • 2013 – this photo taken

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Dear Son, a moment of silence for Scott

Three Giraffes at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park
Scott loved Giraffes almost as much as your mother


Dear Son, last night as you listened to the story, from the moment I read Scott’s email until the moment we came home, I prayed your heart would understand. Didn’t want to hide the truth, and worried you might stumble upon a conversation, or see me weeping.

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Dear Son, some vacation it turned out to be

A rack with hundreds of bronze, silver and gold medals
what if kids could earn medals and trophies for personal responsibility?


Dear Son, some vacation it turned out to be. Rationalizing that busy Christmas vacation days are necessary to keep Mid Life Celebration moving forward while also playing catchup on household projects left undone earlier in the year.

Great argument for why parents should teach kids organizational skills early, so kids don’t have to spend their adult life making up for decades of distractions (and medications) from the daily grind.

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Dear Son, how has any of this been possible?

father and son traditions
this is how we rolled, everywhere we went… until it was too difficult


Dear Son, how has any of this been possible? Closing in on Mid Life Celebrations’s four year anniversary. That crazy 100-day promise to leave a trail for you.. remember?

Son, see how far someone can go when they decide to keep going, to not quit.

And see how a crazy idea begins to grow and bloom over time when it is nurtured and believed in?

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