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Repetition Is The Key
Repetition Is The Key

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ.

Life’s big decisions. Life’s big choices.

I think about them, like many people do – in fact, just like you do.

The big difference between having work-life balance, work-life wellness, is in the approach we take. This is a no-brainer. It’s that simple.

If we take a casual approach, we get casual results.

jeff Is

We All Have A Truckload Of Responsibilities
We All Have A Truckload Of Responsibilities

jeff is:

  • An idea
  • One of Life’s Big Four Five
  • A Business
  • A Website
  • A Blog
  • A Way Of Thinking
  • Our Day-to-Day Responsibilies
  • A Movement

Mind, body, spirit, money – life’s big four choices, big four categories.

jeff is HQ – Headquarters, the “Office” so to speak for our lives. It’s the day to day stuff, the minutia.

It’s the routine, the planned, the unplanned, the emergencies, the daily grind. As simple as “What are we having for dinner tonight” to “I have to get the oil changed soon”.

Finding the right processes and the right structure is a moving target, for our entire lives. And we need to be flexible and creative, or we will drown in our pile of responsibilities.