Small Pixar toy characters in mountains
Two versions of the two lead characters in Pixar’s Soul. Joe and 22. They had a blast during their 62 days in Glacier (2021).



  • Husband, parent, servant.
  • Book
  • Blog world-record (unofficially)
  • Overcame alcohol addiction.
  • Overcame invisible disability.
  • Senior Olympian, age 50.
  • Small business owner.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Physical vibrancy in my 60s.
  • Peace.
  • Contentment.
  • Self-employed.
  • TED Talk.
  • Prioritized priorities.


  • Serendipitously parlayed a ‘resume-building internship’ into a 30-year Disney career.
  • Unintentionally became a public speaker at Disney Institute, and in 15 years, spoke to over one-million people and 2,000 organizations.
  • Honored with both Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Awards: Partners In Excellence (2000) and The Walt Disney Legacy Award (2013).
  • Disney Institute’s highest-rated, most-requested facilitator.
  • Successfully retired from the Walt Disney Company and launched private speaking and advising business.
  • Serendipitously became an Executive Coach one year after retiring from Disney.
  • Earning a lifetime annual pass to every Disney Theme Park around the world.
  • Living less than one mile from Walt Disney World.

•  •  •  •  •

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More Ovaltine Please?

“More Ovaltine please”?  A classic commercial tag line from American television and radio.

More Ovaline?  No.

More pictures and You Tube videos please.  I hear ya.  I’m with ya.  Busy.  Man, am I busy!

All good things take time.  Which is why I give myself some credit for coming so far in only six months.

Six months?  Well, writing consistently for six months.

The actual vision for doing this started about 30 years ago in college.  That’s a tale for another time (maybe).