Five A Day – Part Two

… continued from yesterday.

So that’s what happened, mostly, I wrote five blogs daily, for 100 days. Started late February or so and by June 1, the goal was accomplished.

Whew.  It was hard some mornings. Easy other mornings. At the end, I was counting every day.

On the 101st day, I scaled back to three-a-day for the next week. The two I didn’t write in were the two that had the fewest visits. Made sense, right?

Guess what?  They made a difference in the big picture, meaning that overall web site stats went down more than you might have thought they would.

The solution? Start back up writing five-a-day.

Could I do it?

Should I do it?

Was it worth it?

Would anyone even care?

Well, I did it.

And have never stopped.  It’s been ten months and 1,500 blog posts later.

Okay, so this begs a question no one has asked yet. “Why did you create five blogs in the first place, knowing that you’d never be writing in all five everyday anyway?”

By jeff noel

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