Preaching what you practice?

sermon notes
Top right is a direct quote from Pastor Chuck. i added the “hyper local” note.

Pastor Chuck said, “Plan A is the local Church. There is no plan B.”

i go one step further to say that Plan A is hyper-local, the people you live next to and the families you drive by before turning down your street.

.think .differently

Being different is better than being better.

Note: On yesterday’s walk to the 9:30AM service, stopped to talk to Mike, who’s home is separated from Lakeside Church only by the Church’s chain-link fence. Anyway, after talking with Mike, asked if i could give him a hug. He accepted. Church is every step. Had to jog the next half-mile to the Church to make up for the time spent talking with Mike. Totally not an inconvenience.

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