And on the third day

And on the third day, i continue to write posts to correct the Word Press calendar monthly auto-fill totals.

Did not anticipate it taking so long.

Really had momentum three days ago, but it has been a bigger effort, creatively, than i thought.

So here i am on a Sunday, November 26, 2017…plugging away.

just switched from a Ray Coniff Christmas album to Led Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy – of course, thank you Apple Music.

Rock on and write like you mean it.

Happy Easter

This is my fourth blog post today, so I’m taking a short cut.

Here’s the link to the third post.


You’ll find it interesting, whether you believe in Easter or not.   And if you don’t find it interesting, I’m sorry.

Make today a day to, “Do Something Great!”, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jeff  🙂