Only recently have i begun sharing this fact about leaving Disney

TED Talk on having it all
Think again? (top left) This screenshot is from the video embedded below. It’s 17-minutes. Only watch it if you yearn for the encouragement to balance your family-work life.


Worth noting that i retired in 2014 and left Disney at age 55 for two reasons:

  1. Didn’t want to be gone (business travel) while our Son was in High School.
  2. Didn’t want to do anything at Disney except Disney Institute.

i knew i would live to regret being away during his High School years.

(A decent compromise is watching the first 2.5 minutes…obviously, the entire 17-minutes is valuable. But who’s got 17 minutes?) Anyway…

He’s an 11th-grader now.

Leaving Disney (after 30 years) in 2014 allowed me to be around for his final year of middle school too.


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