Safety is our number one priority at Disney and at home

unwanted neighborhood solicitation
As i was leaving our driveway to pick up our Son at school yesterday.


unwanted neighborhood solicitation
i sat in my car for a minute or two while he did the same. Then he got out and i deduced he was a contracted delivery person.


Placing items, any items, in private mailboxes is a federal offense.


When you live somewhere long enough, you know when something is out of place. And because it’s on your street, you instinctively pay attention and evaluate any threat level.

Safety is our number one priority at Disney and at home.

Safety is baked into the fabric of our daily existence.

As i drove down our street, thinking he was a legitimate delivery contractor, i noticed he placed something in a second mailbox, and as i did a U-turn to drive back to our driveway, he placed something in a third mailbox.

We had a nice chat.

i felt bad for being the messenger.

He felt bad for not knowing.

i’ll never know if he knew or didn’t know.


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