Decide what you want to be personally at home

Brian Solis book
Brian Solis has a great reputation. He authored the book above. PS. Recycled this book (among others) last week – many of them sent to me by publishers showcasing different book styles.


Disney Storyboarding
The next photo requires your best estimate of Walt Disney’s age and corresponding Company milestones.


Disney Storyboarding
Storyboarding is a section of Brian Solis’s book.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Read the bottom caption…and remember that Snow White premiered on December 21,  1937…storyboarding Snow White would have happened 1934-35. Walt was born in 1901.


Disney Keynote Speakers
How old does Walt look in this photo? Does he look 33 or 34? No one is perfect – this is a huge error, but the world is too busy to notice. be careful what you read and believe.


Decide what you want to be personally at home.

Organized or not?

Clean or not?

Intentional or not?

Lean or not?

PS. Here’s what Walt looked like a couple years after the storyboard sessions, during Snow White’s premeire in 1937.

Bonus: Video of Walt and opening night moments.

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