Department of redundancy department

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How many of us get formal, public evaluations for each work day?


Department of redundancy department.

The in box of life, the paperwork of life, doesn’t stop (ever) until we die.

Our mental health, physical health, emotional health, financial health – none of these stop being important either. Ever. Until we die.

So yeah, I write these five daily blogs while managing everything else.

Long ago, the notion faded for everything, every time, to be genius work.

Some posts are just ok, some are good, some are very good, and some are excellent.

And once in awhile, some reach genius level.

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What’s the point?

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Blogging in bed, on the road, in a jet, on a phone


Don’t quit can’t just be a slogan.

Do it better than or differently than everyone else can’t just be a slogan.

Make a promise to keep it, to not quit – on living up to our word (like most of us do).

Do what you say you’re gonna do.

That’s the point.

Do what you say you’re gonna do…

Good night.

Note to self: Remember, you never (started out) trying to do anything more than break through the pain of wishful thinking. To begin writing in a more consistent manner. To leave a trial for a young boy (your Son).

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Gold Medal Organized?

And Use Story Boarding For Your Best Selling Books
And Use Story Boards For Writing Your Best-Selling Books

If you want to start and sustain an entrepreneurial, Internet-based business, you have to do several things, or fail:

  1. Have a clear, concise & compelling vision
  2. Be creatively organized, with limited budget
  3. Do it differently or better than anyone else
  4. Keep moving (patiently) forward
  5. Do not accept failure as an option
  6. Build relationships

The list is longer, of course, but these are top-of-mind.

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Here’s The Challenge With

How Do You Get Your Foot In The Door?
How Do You Get Your Foot In The Door?

The challenge with resumes is two fold:

  1. They’re inflated
  2. They sound the same

This was my point with the post about LinkedIn profiles the other day.

Of course, everyone looking for a job is going to say, “I’m very smart. I’m really bright. I’m so smart.”

I mean, seriously, what else are they going to say?

They All Start To Look The Same
They All Start To Look The Same

So if there’s a sea of silver and white (smart) fish, how do you become the rainbow (desirable) fish? The one that people go, “Did you see that fish?”

If I were you, I’d go change your profile right now. Or else you can just keep swimming, just keep swimming….because…

The More You See, The Worse It Gets
The More You See, The Worse It Gets

It’s tempting to think, “Who the heck does he think he is telling me I should change my LinkedIn Profile, or my Resume? My professional resume and LinkedIn profile are fine.”

To which I just smile and so, “Oh, okay, sorry, what was I thinking?”

Seriously, Go Change Your Profile
Seriously, Go Change Your Profile

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