Osama Bin Laden May Have Been Right

Last week in Marquette, Michigan, on a late afternoon run, I looked up and smiled…

You remember that day. You can picture it like it was yesterday. In the days following 911, we recall the chaos and fear. The horrific images.

That Sunday, packed Churches – probably set attendance records never to be broken. I wondered, as I always do. Maybe you did too.

I wondered why Osama Bin Laden hated America so much that he was willing to sacrifice 1,000’s of innocent lives to send his message.

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Life Of A Rockstar?

There is something about travel that is exciting and adventurous.

If you travel for a living, you don’t have to pay the financial currency, but you still have to pay, except the transaction fee  is with the other currency.


And we all know that Time waits for no one.

Time is also a fair currency. We all get exactly the same.

How will you invest today?