LinkedIn Profile (for posterity)

Spoken To Roughly 500,000?
Spoken To Roughly 500,000?

Are you on LinkedIn?

Most profiles are plain vanilla, all sounding alike – “I’m so smart, I’m so smart, I’m so smart”.

If My Space is your bedroom and Facebook is your living room, then LinkedIn is your office.

Have had the same profile up for some time now and recently changed it. Here’s the old one for posterity. Does this taste like plain vanilla?

Beginner’s luck runs in my family.

The Internet’s only Five-a-Day Blogger.

I write to inspire people to stop dreaming and start doing.

And give speeches to change the world.

And never give the same speech twice.


Aggressively unfancy.

Counter Intuitive.

Uncommonly insightful.

If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

Fifty years of doing the impossible.

Helping others do the same.

Professional antagonist (semi-retired).

Disney Expert.

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