Should be breaking ground by Friday

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Cooper is the third yellow Lab we've had in 29 married years

Over Christmas, as I drug the old blow-up pool to the road for trash pickup, it hit me. Now or never. Can’t wait another year. Before you know, our 11 year old will be grown. We have a few good years before high school is over, maybe seven.

And I figured nearing 53, it wouldn’t be selfish to build an in-ground pool in central Florida, especially considering we’ve been here almost 30 years.

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PS. Have you ever been a late bloomer on some of life’s luxuries?

Kids are only 11 once…

2005...this was our 2nd pool. the 1st one was made of plastic.

Kids are only 11 once, like this summer for example. And in the picture above, kids are only four once. In 2005, this was the perfect pool for many reasons.

Well, for 2012, the perfect pool is on it’s way – in the ground kind-of-perfect. The epiphany happened as I was taking our 2008-2010 inflatable pool down and dragging it to the curb for trash pickup over Christmas break in 2011.

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Would you wait 53 years to own a swimming pool?

swimming pools
today I'm celebrating because we signed the papers to build a swimming pool

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