Kind regards, your prioritized priorities

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Neat and tidy is organized. More importantly though, are your life’s priorities prioritized?

Imagine your prioritized priorities writing you a thank you note. What specifics are mentioned?

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i never leave the house without these 3 things in my pockets

Disney idea generation
Remember this from yesterday? Drawn in 3-4 seconds at a stoplight.


Disney Speaker life hacks
i never leave the house (except to go to the gym) without the wallet, pen, and chapstick.


Disney Keynote Speakers
This is what i was envisioning as we left the Church parking lot yesterday.


Separate your idea from your identity.

In brainstorming, quantity is the only goal.

Passion for the purpose.

Diverse perspectives.

Shared values.

Great ideas can (and should) come from anywhere.

Think inside the box.

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

The leader’s role is to be an environmentalist.

Generate, select, and implement ideas.

Great ideas should have no choice but to flourish.


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