How Do You Rate Your Organizational Habits?

What if the spotlight was on our personal organizational effectiveness?

Asking myself, or you, to rate personal organizational effectiveness is not intended to judge. It’s intended to stimulate action – to get better, or to stay in a good place.

As of January 4th, I’m in pretty good shape thanks to focused purging over the holidays. Wonder if I can maintain this for 90 days. Do you wonder about these things for yourself?

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There’s A Timeless Insight From The Past Few Days: Simplicity Is Enough

Whaddaya lookin’ at? I dunno nuthin’.

A legend says a college-level creative writing class was asked to write a concise essay using religion, royalty, sex, and mystery. The professor fully expected this to take a long time. A short time later, one student was asked to read aloud his essay because the prof couldn’t believe the lad was done: “My God”, said the Queen, “I’m pregnant. I wonder who did it”.

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Thinking Big Can Be As Close And Personal As Learning How To Become An Organized Person

Notice the simple, clean design, and the triangle. Life has 5 big choices, not 3.

Dear Son, the “big three headliners” in wellness and work life balance are mind, body and spirit. People leave out two additional critical success factors: honing your career skills, and being decently organized with the paperwork of life.

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A Casual Walk Across Utah’s Dixie State College Campus Revealed Many Hidden Gems

A casual walk across Dixie State College's campus revealed many hidden gems.
Looking closely, the book's title is: Getting To Know The Real You
Upper left; "Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life"
Warrior or winner, the ethos is identical.
Only pessimists say attitude is over rated.
Interesting, but not sure I buy it.
Just a little lower...
Got it!

Got it? Go!

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