A different neighbor will be shut down

musical stage being erected in a field
You can see our subdivision behind the U-Haul truck.

A Church tucked into a geographically residential area.

Churches and church-goers, by default, are respectful. Literally to a fault.

A geographically residential area buffeted from commercial areas by progressively higher and lower density subdivisions. Housing density rises the closer you get to commercial areas and lowers the farther you move away from commercial.

Our subdivision sits across from a 400-acre Nature preserve.

Last night’s three-hour long (not counting two-hours of assorted sound checks and rehearsals) outdoor Christmas Concert was utterly disrespectful to the residential neighbors on the other side of the chain link fence.

Separate yourself from the source and the context and ask a few objective questions:

  1. Does the noise exceed residential zoning standards?
  2. Does the noise last for hours?
  3. If this was a resident in your subdivision, or an adjacent subdivision, would the police shut them down?

Three easy yeses.

Rather than call the police like i did recently, grace was extended.

With a caveat.

To followup with Pastor Chuck January 3.

Will pose the three objective questions (from above) to him.

•  •  •  •  •

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