Happy 60th birthday Cheryl

toddler sleeping
Peace and contentment. Let’s not lose this as we age. Let’s master it.


toddler in small pool
No one remembers the 12 years of various sizes of blow-up pools we had before our in-ground pool.


Toddler in yard
There were and continue to be wild animals all around us. Trapped humanly and released into a wilder area.


Toddler at beach
He and i planned a surprise 60th birthday party for Cheryl yesterday and today


Family Christmas beach photo
Summer 2005 on Sanibel Island. Super Bowl 52 weekend on the same Island, but for a 60th birthday celebration.


Happy 60th birthday Cheryl.

We hope it’s a simple one that you never forget.


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Having a partner you can count on helps with personal organization

Florida storm clouds
Love flourishes no matter the weather


Having a partner you can count on helps with personal organization. We know this.

But not until serious illness or injury is it brought home in a way that literally brings us to our knees.

Cheryl, thank you for:

  • driving me to hospital for surgery
  • staying for hours to take me home
  • representing our Family at Mike’s Celebration of Life
  • mowing the grass
  • cooking
  • fetching
  • cleaning
  • caring
  • supporting
  • encouraging

This is just in the past few days.

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The Truth Hurts And The Truth Can Set Us Free

Jack the bear goes everywhere jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, goes.

The truth is, I don’t publicly thank my wife Cheryl often enough for picking up many, many loose ends at home. Cheryl does this humbly and with a servant’s heart because she knows I must write and writing takes time. If you want to be good at anything, you must devote yourself to it. Our Family is a team and we rely on each other to make positive things happen. Thank you Cheryl.

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I Met The Most Amazing Woman During An Interview

Our Wedding Reception Was Here
Our Wedding Reception Was Here


Spring, 1979.

West Chester State College.

I met the most amazing woman during an interview.

We wound up being colleagues on a co-ed floor in Ramsey Hall.

Four years later, on June 25, we were married.

Today is the 27th time we’ve celebrated that day.

Never gets old.

PS. Real life, in real time.