Free to hide?

hidden Mickey
We think hidden Mickeys involve a derivative of three circles. Why? Because we have a fixed mindset. Photo of a hidden Mickey. Did you find the hidden Mickey? Do you know one is there?

Free to hide?

Like the hidden Mickey above, some things are hidden in plain sight.

You can hide your dreams, your hopes, your joy, your courage.

You can, but why would you?

The travesty isn’t hiding them from others.

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Dude, We Have Us a Competition

My son and I just got home from Gold’s Gym, and it 8:20PM.  I picked him up after school and we went to the Gym.

He’s eight, so he’s not working out, he plays with other children in Gold’s Kiddie Gym.

Anyway, we walk in the door at 8:11PM and Adam Lambert has just started singing.   Awesome performance.

Kris Allen followed him, and as my wife, son and I watched him perform, I couldn’t help but be blown away.

Blown away because he sang to win.

All season long, it’s been Adam this and Adam that.  And I agreed with it all.

But tonight, I gotta tell you, the underdog has come out punching.

Rock on.  Dinner’s ready.  Later dude!