3000 Blog Posts

Pretty Scary
Pretty Scary

Happy Halloween! This is weird (and very exciting) to write about. But as any successful, small business entrepreneur can tell you, you MUST market (self-promote) your product or service.

What began on April Fool’s Day, 2009, has culminated on Halloween – 3000 blog posts written – how SCARY is that?!

Storytelling is a critical success factor for businesses of any size.

But you already knew that, right?

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This One Is Just Nutty

Sunday’s, throughout history in most modern Christian cultures, are reserved for the sabbath – a day of rest.

Western culture seems to find this counter productive.

Do you struggle with it? I sure do.

Am working diligently to change that.

Once I get to 3,000 blog posts, I’ll no longer write posts on Sundays.

Meanwhile, nearing that 3,000th post milestone, these “Sunday’s in August” You Tubes are a transition. This one is just nutty.