Chance favors these people and always has

Orlando Leadership Disney Keynote Speakers


Orlando Leadership Disney Keynote Speakers


(photos: WordPress Word Camps happen across the globe. They will never have a Disney insider speak to them about how to run their business differently.)

Chance favors the prepared person.

When Mid Life Celebration incorporated January 1, 2009, the opportunity to purchase a Disney Institute (DI) keynote speech for a large (or any size actually), important conference seemed like it would always be a meeting or event planner’s option.

No longer.

DI has grown and adapted to the marketplace and the market place is requesting deeper and longer engagements.

This makes the single, one-off Disney keynote speech option obsolete.

In layman’s terms DI has evolved into delivering quality, long term engagements over quantity (60-90 minute one-time keynotes), meaning they have fewer clients – yet they are busier than ever because of the broad and deep level of engagement with those clients.

Never saw this coming.

Am delighted, though, to be in the midst of this moment in time.

Call or email if you are interested in a Disney keynote speech without having to invest hundreds of thousands (at a minimum) of dollars.

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