HOA SWOT analysis

homeowner association dues reminder
Weakness, threat, and opportunity all-in-one. Dues haven’t been increased in 26 years. Easy fix, raise the dues immediately to $430 simply to have the same buying power as $200 did in 1997.

HOA SWOT analysis:


  • Privacy
  • Large lots
  • Association Lake lot
  • Proximity to Walt Disney World (Disney World is on the same lake)


  • Alluring to ambitious investors
  • Dysfunctional HOA leadership (see photo)
  • Member apathy


  • Professionalize entire HOA structure and processes
  • Move from legacy paper systems to digital
  • Move from do-it-yourself mindset to hiring professionals
  • By-Law language to ensure residential in perpetuity (no vacation home rental conversions)
  • Hire Property Management Company


  • Member apathy
  • Investors not interested in residential living
  • Legal vulnerabilities from old-school, small-town mindset
  • Ticking clock (apathy)

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